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Raised Floor with HPL finish(Steel Panel)

Model: HGD600

Dimension: 600×600×35/30(mm) 


This product is made of quality steel plate, which is stretched forming, point welded and plastic sprayed with bubble cement filler filled in its inner cavity. The fire-resistant decoration plates that can endure high temperature adhere to its surface with conductive chips embedded around it. The pedestals and cross beams are wholly plated with zinc and the height of pedestals is adjustable and can be self-locked.



 Concentrated Load

 Impact Load

 Ultimated Load

 Uniform Load

 Rolling Load
















































Designed specially for computer room&clean room
Excellent rolling load & ultimate load performance
Light weight cementitious fill makes panels solid and quiet
Completely non-combustible
Black electrodeposition cathodic epoxy paint finish for life time protection
Class A flame spread and smoke development rating
Wide range of finishes available


Applicable Fields:
Computer rooms, programmed control equipment rooms, electrical-controlled classrooms, places that have requirements of dust-proof and anti-static, and fields with aerial requirements.


Pedestal and Stringer:




HPL Colour Card: 


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